Watsons National Sales Convention 2013 - Day 2

Day two of NASCON was to be expected as physically fun, that we wore a sando shirt with 24/7 more love at Wastsons print! :)

Of course, I wore white undershirt! Im sooo shy to expose my dark armpit! hohoho!

Day two started with a talk with the famous Chinkee Tan... Talking about positivity and how to set a goal and achieve at its BEST!

He is one of the best speakers I've met... All the time he gained all our attention without being sleepy and bored. And, the session ended with a lots of insights and lessons to push through in our daily work..

And the rest of the day was incredibly fun! There are lots of booths from the company's sponsors / suppliers that made the event a great one! Freebies, Games, Activities, Contest, Services were done in different stations..

We were given a map where we should gain 15 stamps and a corresponding gift after!

Here were some events conducted ,

Free hand massage from Johnson's Baby Milk lotion.. soooo good!

I love the experience of the double nourishment of new Johnson's Baby milk lotion.

With natural milk protein and vitamins A&E
Easily glides and absorbed by the skin
Clinically proven mild and helps replenish skin’s natural moisture, leaving skin feeling baby-smooth and

Free body massage courtesy of the leading pain patch, Salonpas.

These patches work perfectly for WHOREVER IT ACHES. The effects work quickly and give the needed relief when you need it most.

I gained a lot of gifts and freebies on this event, I also did a make over from In2it and got my hair done by JML... :) Items will be posted next. :)

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