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I want something as a change, I want a comic blog! but I dont find any stuffs for drawing like digi pens and etc,, but then, I'll be gettin into it.

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ETUDE HOUSE Bubble Hair Color Review

I first heard about Do-It-Yourself Etude House‘s Bubble Hair Coloring from my favorite guru Say. Her hair color was so nice after her blogged about it. That's why I got curious enough that I researched about it and read a lot of reviews and tutorials online.

Thus, I went to Etude House Festival mall to check this item, and as expected their lovely salesladies were very much willing every each and everyone of the customers in their shop. Then, I asked for the bubble hair color  then they brought me up to the shelves and the lady told me that she used Sweet Orange color that when I saw in her, it a bit flashy. Bawal kasi yun sa work, yung masyadong matingkad! :)

I chose Dark Brown Shade and purchased it for only  378.00 pesos, even cheaper than some brands, and this is a shampoo one, not an ordinary hair color with ammonia and such.

NOTE: Not my first time to dye my hair when I used Etude House Bubble Hair Color.

 Some colors available were:

  • Deep Black
  • Natural Brown
  • Wine Red
  • Sweet Orange
  • Gold Blonde
  • Mocha Pink

Here's what you will see inside! 

  • Hair color itself on a sachet
  • Pump bottle with solution
  • Plastic gloves and cape
  • conditioner

Much appreciated when not written in Korean. :) But, its fine... i sooo love it!

What to do:
  • Pour all the Bubble Hair Coloring sachet onto the white pump bottle included. (you will smell a strong chemical scent therein)
  • Do NOT shake the bottle. Just tilt it sideways slowly around 10 times. Tilt. Tilt. Tilt.  (You’ll feel the bottle warming up and then you’ll know it’s ready)
  • Wear your gloves and plastic cape, use a clipper when you put the cape, it keeps on sliding down, and a tip to wear dark colored clothes for heavy stains that might cause. Remove the stopper on the bottle’s neck, and start pumping. (Make sure it’s foamy substance that comes out, not liquid)
  • TIP: Start applying on tips moving upward to roots. Make sure to cover all areas of your hair before gathering your hair and placing it on top of your head. Leave for 30-45 minutes. THE LONGER THE TIME, THE BOLDER THE COLOR. :) 
  • Rinse your hair completely before applying the conditioner (ooohh lalala.. the conditioner's scent brought me up to heaven! so lovely!). Don’t panic when your hair feels dried after washing, the conditioner will restore your hair’s condition. Rinse it afterwards. 
  • Towel-dry or blow-dry hair, then Voila! :) 

And, imagine that my hair was this dark colored BEFORE.

The MAARTE pose. :))


This dried my hair (AS IN!!!). But I also expected these because I had my hair rebonded more than a month ago, so my hair is already damaged to begin with. One thing is amazing! that this hair bubble coloring product stays on until my hair regrows, no decolorization and wash-outs! And I really really really loved the conditioner that has heavenly scent! :) Overall, I rate this product 9/10. And my friends noticed my new hair color and they love it too! This is such a must try! ~~~ 

HBC Hauls (San-San liquid base make-up, San-San shimmer lipstick Allue eyeliner. Allue lipstick, Hortaleza MD Illuminous Plus soap)

At last! I found time to create my HBC Make-up haul reviews.

Its been weeks since I bought these make-ups from HBC in Baclaran then, finally I spend my leisure time in writing these reviews.

I bought liquid make-up base, shimmering lipstick, Allue mini lipstick, Allue glitter eyeliner and Hortaleza soap.

First in the list is the San-San liquid base make-up (90.00 php):

I bought this 20ml base because I was really amazed to see that this contains vitamins A, C, and E which are the so-called vitamins for the skin. Here are the reasons why I found it amazing:

Vitamin C, in combination with vitamins A and E helps to prevent sun damage on the skin. Vitamin C, also prevents ageing and makes our skin firm. Vitamin A is added because it is a superb anti-oxidant and a moisturizing agent. This vitamin is readily absorbs in the skin, thus it functions effectively. Improvement of skin elasticity, thickens epidermis (which becomes thinner in ageing), and helps regulate keratin formation. Vitamin E, is an excellent moisturizer. It has anti-inflammatory action – and this prevents premature aging, as inflammatory conditions in the skin is a leading cause of skin aging.



As we can see, when we apply this base, it made the skin glow and looks smooth. In its texture, I attest that this base makes skin soft and it is not sticky as well, unlike other liquid base or foundies. It is best when we apply foundation on our face right after this base. But, if we want our face to feel light and natural, this base can be solely applied.

  • Handy
  • Affordable
  • Good tone quality (really suits in my dark skin)
  • Has excellent contents
  • Pea-size base can cover up a huge area of the skin (quality wise)
  • Not sticky 
  • Dries up easily
  • Hard to squeeze out ( I think all the liquid sticks to the tube inside ) thus, it needs greater pressure to squeeze out of the tube.

Next on list is the San-San shimmer lipstick 03 (64.00php)

This contains Castor oil, candelilla wax, beeswax, paraffin wax, isopropyl myristate, lanolin oil, mineral oil, titanium dioxide, tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), D&C Red No.27 Al Lake, iron oxide brown, propyl paraben.

Taken w/o flash

Lippie swatch (w/o flash)

Lippie when worn 
This lipstick is so smooth that it glides easily in the lips, but the shimmers tend to produce white flakes/glue on lips and it emphasizes cracks.. Its better to wear with a lipbalm before applying it.

  • The packaging is sturdy and simple.
  • Easy to glide and pigmented
  • Inexpensive 
  • Doesn't have the extreme waxy taste
  • It is enriched with vitamins C and E which acts a an antioxidant and a moisturizer which helps to have smooth lips in continous use.
  • Not long-wearing (TIP: to have  a long wearing lipstick, apply one coat then pat with dry tissue and apply again)
  • Shimmers tend to form cracks/glues on lips. Lipgloss or lipbalms are suggested to put then.

Another item I bought was the Allue Glam Rock Metallic Eyeliner in Strikin' Silver (60.00php)

I bought this jumbo pencil liner to have my eyes a light shimmering look, unlike my other eyeliners (black/brown) that makes my eyes heavy dramatic. I know I could use this on day and night as well.

I used this to line my lower lash line and upper lash line! This is really awesome..

Swatch w/ flash

Swatch w/o flash

Liner on me (daytime) ~ nevermind the retarded eyes! ;)
  • good for smokey eye, extremely simple an elegant
  • good for waterline, it lasts long!
  • its so pigmented 
  • cheap
  • doesn't smear nor fade
  • glides easily
  • Jumbo pencil (needs a sharpener that fits in it)

Metallic liners can give a dazzling party look usually worn at nightime, but ... It can be wearable even in school, office at when just strollling around, shimmers makes us feel light and glowing!

Next is the Allue My first.. Lip colour performance (Mini Lipstick) (45.00php)

This tiny lippie is about 2 inches long , and its so cute!

Taken w/ flash
Taken w/o flash

Allue lippie on me

  • It is moisturizing
  • It has a good smell :)
  • Non-greasy
  • pigmented
  • easy to apply
  • Small sized
  • Not long-wearing

Then the Hortaleza Illuminous plus facial Soap- Glycerin based 45g (42.00 php) :

  • Skin lightening with Glutathione & Arbutin
  • With Tiny White to lighten skin
  • Lightens blemishes and dark spots on face and body
  • Mild glycerin-based formula

Stearic acid
Aqua Fatty acids
Myristic acid
Sodium hydroxide
Glycerine Cocainamide Diethanolamine, 
Tiny White (Arbutin and Grape seed extract)
Linoleic , Linolenic acid
Tocopheryl acetate
Sodium ascorbly Phosphate 
Hydrogenated Castor oil
Liquid paraffin
Sodium hydrosulfite
Pentasodium pentetate
Butylated hyroxytoluene

Arbutin is considered as the safest and most effective skin whitening agent. This protects skin to damage caused by free radicals, it inhibits formation of melanin pigment by inhibition of tyrosinase activity.

Arbutin give three main properties: whitening effects, and anti- ageing effect.

Glycerin-based soap is one of many safe personal care products that may be more appropriate for people with sensitive or delicate skin, because Glycerin is natural.

If you are suffering from dry flaky skin despite the constant application of emollients/lotions and frequent bathing, it could be due to the nature of the soap you are using. 

Glycerin is known as a humectant - it actually attracts moisture, leaving your skin hydrated and supple. Thus this base makes the soap moisturizing! 

I really love this soap! I truly lightens the skin and it makes my face glow and has keeps it moisturized!

First Ever Make-Up Tutorial : Metallic Crystal

Hi readers!
By the way, this is my first video I've ever done in my life. LOL

In advance, I would like to apologize for the low quality, certain mistakes and improper video taking of this.

I hope to got a feedback from you guys, whether good or bad, to improve myself. ;)

I'll not mention any brands for these video, any will do, just have an apparent shade with mine

Things to-do to have this piece:

1. Put some light green e/s all over the crease

2. Apply plum e/s on the inner lid at to the lower crease

3. Put a darker plum e/s on the crease line to the outer lid

4. Apply aqua blue e/s on the lower crease, blending to plum e/s

5. Re-apply the light green e/s on the outer crease and use it to high light brows
    Apply it on the lower lash line too.

6. Blend all the colors evenly.

7. Apply black liquid liner on the upper lash line

8. Apply dark pink lipstick, followed by the application of pink lip frost

9. Put on pink blush on the cheekbone

10. Lastly, apply mascara 

That's it! 

Here are some photos taken after the video....

My video tutorial for this look: 

~~ Thank you guys! 

Subic trip hauls

In my trip to Subic, aside from enjoying sceneries, we are strolling to their souvenir shops.
These purchases got my eye stucked on them.

First on the list is my feather headband that looks like an earcuff! Amazing! I almost searched for this in Manila but I cant find one. I've never expected that I'll found these in Subic. This costs for only 100 pesos.

Feather headband on!

Next, is this school-girl necklace in orange! I found it cute in wearing plain shirts, it has gems over it. This is sold for 150 pesos only.

Of course, I'll surely buy a souvenir that has a name imprinted on it. So, I got this Zoobic Safari bracelet in pink for 50 pesos.

That's all for my hauls in subic!

Other accessories I took picture are these:

In-style Fashion for Summer! 

~ Thanks for reading my latest haul! Read more soon!

AZIZA lip gloss , AZIZA foundation, & Ever Bilena brush-set REVIEW

So! Here's my review of Ever Bilena Make-Up brush set, AZIZA's shimmering lipgloss and AZIZA's liquid foundation on my last haul.


Oyeah, its colored pink! so fab right?! This set only costs 140php , available at Watsons.
Pros includes its cool packaging, soft bristles and cheap price.

Definitely it also had cons which include hair fall-offs.  awww.
But for me, its pretty good, not assuring you that it can be used in a long span of time.


The actual picture of the lip gloss can be seen on my blog krissylicious.
This lip gloss really fascinated me with its color and glossing capacity. I've read its ingredients and they used MINERAL OIL as its base. Being a pharmacist, I know Mineral oil is a very good emollient that keeps lips moisturized and soft. Its color, carmine red was really a WOW. Another pros of this is that, it doesn't give a dry or flaky feeling on lips. 

I can say that one problem you could encounter with this gloss is that it has a waxy smell on lips, though they include a little fragrance, but not that much. I'll shall say that it is the  natural smell of the mineral oil..


Please visit krissylicious to view the actual packaging of the foundation.

As described in the packaging, this foundation is oil free. It absorbs oil and doesn't clog pores. I can attest that this is true based on the ingredients used. they used PROPYLENE GLYCOL which is an hydrophillic base and keeps the skin hydrated. Being a pharmacist and a cosmetic reviewee must know the contents of each product and how it works on one's skin or body.

This  powder also includes talc, which makes skin smooth after application. Over all, this product is excellent! its quick-drying, and smooth.

Cons of this is not so important, its the bottle-mouth which I found difficult to control the pouring of the foundation. They must placed it in a narrow mouthed bottle, to control the amount of liquid to be in a damp sponge...

I hope you've enjoyed and learned something from my review! Thanks for reading and I hope you'll be keep updated. ;) 

HOW TO APPLY EYESHADOWS based on eye types (from my tumblr)

If you have this eye shape or you wanna look like that, I will recommend a basic design that will take you anywhere. Choice of colors must be a dark base and an accent shade.
  • Apply base color from lashline to brow.
  • Apply coutouring shade along lash line, in an upward brush to form a V-shape.
  • Blend.
  • Create a wedge at the outer corner using accent color.
  • Line upper and lower lashlines with eye defining pencil, in upper lashline, you can use gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner.
  • Apply mascara.

If you are asian, KPOP inspired, you wanna look like this and if you have this eyeshape, you must to treat the browbone with as much importance as the lid.

  • Apply base coat from lashline to brow working down from browbone to lashline to put little color to the lids (This makes your eyes more emphasized)
  • Apply contour shade to inner and outer thirds of browbone (must use light colors)
  • Apply accent color along lashline corner to corner then in along and just over crease.
  • Blend accent color back and forth along crease with brush. (to spead colors evenly)
  • Apply thin line of defining pencil above upper lashes from corner to corner. (better if you will use a gel eyeliner or a liquid one)
  • Line below lower lashes from outside corner in your contour color. (using eye pencil on lower lashes makes your eyes bigger, better use light colors)
  • Gently smudge both lines/Blend
  • Apply mascara.

If you have a prominent or emphasized eyelids, or want to have this eye type look, you should contour below the crease to draw attention away from how much lid is exposed and to emphasize upper lashline
  • Apply base coat from lashline to brow
  • Add contour shade over entire lid socket
  • Blend carefully
  • Apply accent color along lashline from inside corner to slightly to outside corner then in below the crease instead of along it
  • Line upper lashes from inside corner out with the line getting thicker at the outside corner (use thick eyeliner outside)
  • Line lower lashes, smudge both using brush
  • Apply mascara

If you have narrow /hooded lids, or want to have a look like this, the key is to use color to make it seen through and more of the lid is showing
  • Apply base coat from lashline to brow with a little more color at the inside corner
  • Apply contour shade on lid from from corner to corner extending above the crease, under lower lashes, from outside corner to the edge of iris
  • Apply accent color close to lashline above center of pupil and blend outward
  • Line upper lashes corner to corner, lower lashes from outside corner to inside of iris
  • Smudge the lines
  • Apply mascara 

If you have these wide set shape / edge, the emphasis is on the inside half of the eye above the crease.
  • Apply base color from lashline to brow
  • Apply contouring shade along lashline from inside corner out, then back along the crease to inner corner, being careful not to extend to the edge (it will make your eyes sag)
  • Line upper lashes from corner to corner, adding little bit on outside (this will make eyes smaller and with edge)
  • Line lower lashes with pencil
  • Gently smudge, the pencil in lower lashes avoiding to have a heavy color
  • Apply mascara, being sure to fully cover the lashes near inside corner

To have a closed set, the emphasis is on the outer half of the eye
  • Apply base color from lashline to brow, you can also apply a lighter shade before the base color to create more of an illusion, (use white or yellow, or even light green)
  • Apply contouring shade along lashline and in along crease, starting above outer edge of iris, extending beyond outside corner and up.
  • Blend colors evenly
  • Make a large wedge at outer corner with accent color, to have a contrasting edge
  • Line upper lashes from inside edge of iris past outside corner of eye
  • Apply mascara with emphasis on outer lashes, making it thicker

To obtain a deep set eye shape, we must lessen the shadows on the inside corner and make the browbone area look less lighter
  • Apply base color from lashline to brow with a little more colorat the inside corner
  • Apply contour shade out along lashline and in along crease, stopping just above inner edge of the iris
  • Add a little more color under lower lashes from inside edge of iris to outer corner (maybe you could use eyeshadow for that)
  • Add accent color lightly along crease
  • Blend well
  • Line upper lashes from inside corner to just past outside the corner, lower lashes from outside corner in just below pupil
  • Gently smudge eyeliners, then
  • Apply mascara

Remember that you should always test the colors on the back of the hand to see the intensity.
Pale tones emphasize, while deep shades define.

Yeah! Smokey eyes are very sexy. Right color combination can make your eyes stand out.
You can basically work with 3 colors: a light, a medium and a dark shade.

Play with the colors, and see what you come up with. Just make sure that you apply the same amount of mixed colors  to both eyes to create an even look. 

The point is to achieve the natural look, yet dramatically different.