ETUDE HOUSE Bubble Hair Color Review

I first heard about Do-It-Yourself Etude House‘s Bubble Hair Coloring from my favorite guru Say. Her hair color was so nice after her blogged about it. That's why I got curious enough that I researched about it and read a lot of reviews and tutorials online.

Thus, I went to Etude House Festival mall to check this item, and as expected their lovely salesladies were very much willing every each and everyone of the customers in their shop. Then, I asked for the bubble hair color  then they brought me up to the shelves and the lady told me that she used Sweet Orange color that when I saw in her, it a bit flashy. Bawal kasi yun sa work, yung masyadong matingkad! :)

I chose Dark Brown Shade and purchased it for only  378.00 pesos, even cheaper than some brands, and this is a shampoo one, not an ordinary hair color with ammonia and such.

NOTE: Not my first time to dye my hair when I used Etude House Bubble Hair Color.

 Some colors available were:

  • Deep Black
  • Natural Brown
  • Wine Red
  • Sweet Orange
  • Gold Blonde
  • Mocha Pink

Here's what you will see inside! 

  • Hair color itself on a sachet
  • Pump bottle with solution
  • Plastic gloves and cape
  • conditioner

Much appreciated when not written in Korean. :) But, its fine... i sooo love it!

What to do:
  • Pour all the Bubble Hair Coloring sachet onto the white pump bottle included. (you will smell a strong chemical scent therein)
  • Do NOT shake the bottle. Just tilt it sideways slowly around 10 times. Tilt. Tilt. Tilt.  (You’ll feel the bottle warming up and then you’ll know it’s ready)
  • Wear your gloves and plastic cape, use a clipper when you put the cape, it keeps on sliding down, and a tip to wear dark colored clothes for heavy stains that might cause. Remove the stopper on the bottle’s neck, and start pumping. (Make sure it’s foamy substance that comes out, not liquid)
  • TIP: Start applying on tips moving upward to roots. Make sure to cover all areas of your hair before gathering your hair and placing it on top of your head. Leave for 30-45 minutes. THE LONGER THE TIME, THE BOLDER THE COLOR. :) 
  • Rinse your hair completely before applying the conditioner (ooohh lalala.. the conditioner's scent brought me up to heaven! so lovely!). Don’t panic when your hair feels dried after washing, the conditioner will restore your hair’s condition. Rinse it afterwards. 
  • Towel-dry or blow-dry hair, then Voila! :) 

And, imagine that my hair was this dark colored BEFORE.

The MAARTE pose. :))


This dried my hair (AS IN!!!). But I also expected these because I had my hair rebonded more than a month ago, so my hair is already damaged to begin with. One thing is amazing! that this hair bubble coloring product stays on until my hair regrows, no decolorization and wash-outs! And I really really really loved the conditioner that has heavenly scent! :) Overall, I rate this product 9/10. And my friends noticed my new hair color and they love it too! This is such a must try! ~~~ 


  1. even after 3 months of rebond di pa din ba pwedeng gumamit?

    1. Ok naman po sya.. even 3 weeks after pwede naman kasi newly treated sya, makapal ang coat ng hair kaya ok naman sya sa chemicals nito. Pero honestly, nakakadry sya ng buhok. But, what's the purpose of conditioner dba? :)) good day!