Dinner at Sizzlin Pepper Steak

This is my first time to dine at Sizzlin Pepper Steak located at Festival Mall Alabang.

Me and my bff Tricia, were bumming around the mall, till we decided to eat our dinner first, and then we agreed to try a restaurant that we were still not able to dine at...

We looked up on our directory, and thus we selected Sizzlin Pepper Steak..

Upon seeing the place, my first impression was "wow, so cute! I like beef, I love the cow logo". Maybe because of the fancy drawing of their logo and fonts, or maybe how the restaurant looks like in the inside.

All tables in the restaurant were equipped with smoke filters that the smoke will be exhausted created from the sizzling plate.

Me and Tricia, waiting....

Yes, I'm DAMN hungry!

Sizzlin Pepper Steak has this thing called Moo-Flips,  I find them really convenient since I really dislike waving my hands to get a waiters attention. Its amazing that a waiter would attend to you really quickly when you flip your Moo-Flip to Moo-ve :)

 The beef pepper rice was the first dish I ordered in sizzlin pepper steak.

You can select between teriyaki sauce and plain gravy, I chose teriyaki sauce inspite that I'm doubt that I might dislike it coz I don't like sweet sauces on foods. As the order arrive on your table, you have to pour the sauce on your plate right away while the sizzling plate is still hot. Then, you have to mix the beef and the rice together. Suprisingly, I loved the teriyaki sauce! It is not too sweet!

And, the Teriyaki sauce and iced tea......

Over-all the taste of the food is 4/5 if you like fried food and pepper. Me? I DO!

I just hate the beefy smell stuck up in my hands.. even tough I washed already...

Share up your sizzlin experiences too! ~~~


Incredibly delicious - Tasty Tucker

One branch of Tasty Tucker is located in SM Hypermarket Sucat East Service Road, the same place which I worked for.

HMR and Hypermarket in this branch was so peaceful that it has minimal customers, and it doesn't have much fastfood chains or resturants, but only Rotisserie, HenLin and Tasty Tucker.

Tasty Tucker has an interesting mix of filipino rice meals, korean and european food. They have pastas, pizza, sandwiches, salads, frappes, ice cream, gelato, cheese cakes, and at the same time, affordable filipino rice meals such as lumpia, beefsteak, pinakbet and pansit!


During our lunch break, we tried to have lunch to Tasty just to satisfy ourselves, with all the stress and all due to work. Although its kinda expensive, we know its all worth it.

The dish we tried are pastas! - our comfort food. When eating in restaurants which I'm not familiar with, I always order my comfort food first.

This pasta tastes soooooo good, with matching italian yummy bread! One thing that I can say in cons was that the sauce... its sooo soooo sour due to pure tomato sauce on it. but I can rate this pasta 7/10 to its awesomeness...


Nikki ordered her favorite too, pasta - carbonara.


For our second time, I ordered Pasta - Bolognese , for just a try..
And I'm really lovin this! yummmmm!!

I like how ground beef was cooked and mixed with this sauce, and topped with parmesan cheese..

Spaghetti Bolognese

Having these for our dessert! BLUE BERRY CHEESECAKE & CHOCOLATE CAKE! *hearts*

Blueberry Cheese Cake is - LOVE

Chocolate Cake - AWESOMENESS

Me and Nikki with our cakes. :)

Yes, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Mildly sweet and pleasantly fragrant, there's no "umay" thing that leading cake brands had. Turning chocolate into a cake, however, makes all the difference.

Overall, I think it's an interesting foodie find. you don't expect such yummy dishes and desserts in this area, but it's quite good. I can rate this 8/10. :)