First Ever Make-Up Tutorial : Metallic Crystal

Hi readers!
By the way, this is my first video I've ever done in my life. LOL

In advance, I would like to apologize for the low quality, certain mistakes and improper video taking of this.

I hope to got a feedback from you guys, whether good or bad, to improve myself. ;)

I'll not mention any brands for these video, any will do, just have an apparent shade with mine

Things to-do to have this piece:

1. Put some light green e/s all over the crease

2. Apply plum e/s on the inner lid at to the lower crease

3. Put a darker plum e/s on the crease line to the outer lid

4. Apply aqua blue e/s on the lower crease, blending to plum e/s

5. Re-apply the light green e/s on the outer crease and use it to high light brows
    Apply it on the lower lash line too.

6. Blend all the colors evenly.

7. Apply black liquid liner on the upper lash line

8. Apply dark pink lipstick, followed by the application of pink lip frost

9. Put on pink blush on the cheekbone

10. Lastly, apply mascara 

That's it! 

Here are some photos taken after the video....

My video tutorial for this look: 

~~ Thank you guys! 

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