I Feel.. So Free.. Just like a FANTASY.

Suddenly Its Magic  is a feel-good romantic comedy movie for the for the teens, the young at heart, and for some adults who are patiently waiting for their Prince Charming.
It tells us the story of a Thai Superstar (Mario : Marcus) who portrays a lovable character in films but he himself loses faith on the magic of love when his co-star girlfriend (Baifern : Sririta)  dumped him for another guy. As he wants himself yo get lost and be freed, he goes to the Philippines wherein he meets a brokenhearted baker lady, (Erich : Joey)  who pretends to create magic through her cupcakes.
Besides Mario Maurer's super pakilig scenes and especially with kilig moments nila with Erich, I think I learned something, though its common.. but the film still reminds us on the magic of love and to dream about our happy endings. 
And, it's about two things: to choose between the love of your life and the life that you love. One side chose love, the other went with ambition; both choices sacrificed the other and both turned up hurting people in the process. Love doesn't exist without hurt; happiness without sadness and sacrifice - they all come in a package, it's just the matter of how we learn from them and how we get stronger through them. In the end, they were both happy with their dream - dream of success and dream of being together.
"I’m getting all of my dreams because you set me free. And all of my dreams would mean more if you’re with me. And I still love you. I would like to think and to believe that this time we’re stronger, we’re more grown-up, we know better, and because we know what’s like to be apart from each other. And no matter how tough things get, we’re not gonna let each other go again… Will you be with me?" 
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic 

Both Marcus and Joey represent two different worlds with different traditions. Shot in wonderful place of Ilocos and solemn Thailand, the film tried to unite the two characters through love. The magic might work for some viewers but may fall short for others. It all depends on who were you before you enter the cinema. Pag bitter or di naniniwala sa love - never mind nalang! ok?

Why a must watch?
- Nakakakilig
- Ang pogi ni Mario Maurer (to death!)
- Masaya, Nakakagaan sa Puso
- May mapupulot na lessons in LOVE.
- Appreciation of awesome scenes like Ilocos and Thailand
- Makakarelate in decision making chorvaness

~~~ Ikaw? Do you believe in Magic? Or you must try....


Happy 21st Birthday to ME!

June 25, 2012.

Hey! Its my Birthday!

Yeah, I hate my birthday.... still do not know why... any way...

My birthday was not perfect at all,

I found a shocking news, be surprised with my best friends and have a dinner with my workmates..

Smiles. Laughter. Freak.

My best friend fetched me at our branch for us to buy my guitar and to treat her at Yellowcab.

But then, my other best friend was another person behind this "kalokohan"

They planned to surprise me at Yellowcab that there is cupcakes w/ candle and a birthday song.....

omo.. I'm sooo touched....

Of Course! I ordered my all time favorite - NEW YORK'S FINEST



This yummy pistachio ice cream from Yellow Cab comes in a cute canister.


A Little Bit Retarded..... 

And their SUPER HOT GIFT! - A Hot Pink Thong! Ghaaad!



Part Two was held at Jollibee Santana Grove together with Celebration of Nikki.

We both celebrated our birthdays dated 25 and 26.

Our guests were our close friends Rose, Hydee and Annalou.

We enjoyed being young kids, celebrating birthday at this fast food chain!



Look Good, Feel Great, Have Fun at Watsons!

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.

I was hired at Watsons Philippines as a Pharmacist early this year.

Another path opened for me and its very different from my previous job.

Being a community pharmacist is a very crucial job, that we will able to deal with patients,
give their required medications, counsel them in their health needs and be able to provide and exceed expectations in providing health services.

I also admit that being in this setting gave me different perspectives, good or bad, happy and sad...
But, we are very touched to see people happy especially when we were able to give our best service and heart especially to our patients.

I'm happy to meet my new friends, new colleagues to deal with... and I consider them as my new family...

ME and KATRIN, my co-Pharmacist

What is the recipe for successful achievement?

To my mind there are just four essential ingredients:
Choose a career you love,
give it the best there is in you,
seize your opportunities,
and be a member of the team.

Me As A Manufacturing Pharmacist

I previously worked at a famous sterile manufacturing company in Mandaluyong,
where I really learned a lot in the field of production, how to handle a line, people, meet quotas and how to manage entire batch of products..

I'm glad that I am able to be given this kind of opportunity , that I met reputable company, awesome colleagues and wonderful people in this job..

Part of my everyday routine is to ride a bus from our city going to Magallanes station of MRT up to Boni Ave station, I experienced heavy traffic, electricity breakdown that caused MRT not to pursue travel, floods, and even dyspnea inside MRT that in a flash, I'll faint , but then I'm so lucky that MRT door suddenly opened that gave way for me to inhale oxygen! (Im turning blue.. literally, color blue! :D)

Anyway, although I stayed there for 3 months.. those times that gave me knowledge, experience -  happy or bad that I'll be able to treasure and kept in my heart and mind..

I miss my super ever messy desk!

Another journey closes, but I know there's some thing that awaits me.. to render my duty as a pharmacist and be able to explore another setting which I will be more efficient...

These are the good people with a good heart that I met, their smiles and laughter's will always be remained, and our friendship I think will be the same till we cross our paths again.

Quality Control and Pharmacists

Yeah... I'm missing our pizza party sooo bad......
I think this is the last part of my blog... 

I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks...
William Shakespeare (~1564-1616), English playwright & poet. From:Twelfth Night, Act III, Scene 3

Pharmacist's Oath Taking January 2012 Passers

"Maintain your INTEGRITY as a healthcare professional, 
have the COMMITMENT to enhance COMPETENCE all the time 

and know how to COLLABORATE with other members of health care team
 including the patient."

In a Filipino perception,  a pharmacist is simply one who sells medicine, who stands behind drugstore counters, busily taking the prescriptions from customers and giving them the medicines they need.
But, I just want to imply that pharmacist is more than just being a seller of medicines. Pharmacists are the medication managers and counselors, who help patients achieve the optimum benefits of medication.
“Pharmacists play a crucial role in the effective delivery of health services… We call our pharmacists medical experts, they are the ones who study the details and components of a drug or medicine,”
A Pharmacist's duty is to check the prescription for any potential adverse drug effects and interaction, and results of inappropriate dosing. Pharmacists provide medical counseling to patients for various diseases and lastly provide drug information to guide the public and other health professionals as a health care team player.

Im glad that I'm one of the licensed Pharmacists here in the Philippines...  

Together with my colleagues, we will do our very best on our job to prove that

I was feeling great this day! As I achieved one step of the ladder of my success and I was with my mother who really took care and stayed beside me during my good and hard times.. 

Thanks to our friend Ms. Gellie , who made my make-up that made me look fab and natural
He/She said "pale pale-an ang labanan teh.." but i loooovvveeee it.

Even after a looonnngggg day,..... 

Looking great!! 

Thanks for dropping by!! ~~~