Subic trip hauls

In my trip to Subic, aside from enjoying sceneries, we are strolling to their souvenir shops.
These purchases got my eye stucked on them.

First on the list is my feather headband that looks like an earcuff! Amazing! I almost searched for this in Manila but I cant find one. I've never expected that I'll found these in Subic. This costs for only 100 pesos.

Feather headband on!

Next, is this school-girl necklace in orange! I found it cute in wearing plain shirts, it has gems over it. This is sold for 150 pesos only.

Of course, I'll surely buy a souvenir that has a name imprinted on it. So, I got this Zoobic Safari bracelet in pink for 50 pesos.

That's all for my hauls in subic!

Other accessories I took picture are these:

In-style Fashion for Summer! 

~ Thanks for reading my latest haul! Read more soon!

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