Watsons National Sales Convention 2013 - Day 1

The annual sales convention was held last March 05-06 at Le Pavillion Metropolitan Park in Pasay..

I arrived there around 11:30am , which in fact I drove to a wrong way... the cab took me all the way to Pavillion in U.N Manila.. and back to Pasay.. ugggh. Such a failure!

After registration, they handed me down this stuffs.

Yes, it is almost lunch time, buffet was served by M Catering group...

I forgot what's on the dish! But it's good. :)
With almost half-a-day session, we had our own learning and new key concepts to face another challenging year in our retail..

Yes, we need coffee break! 
The day one ends right and day two will be expected to be more exciting and fun!!

By the way, here's the south central manila area team! ~ Store Managers and Pharmacists! :)

~~~ have a blast!

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