AZIZA lip gloss , AZIZA foundation, & Ever Bilena brush-set REVIEW

So! Here's my review of Ever Bilena Make-Up brush set, AZIZA's shimmering lipgloss and AZIZA's liquid foundation on my last haul.


Oyeah, its colored pink! so fab right?! This set only costs 140php , available at Watsons.
Pros includes its cool packaging, soft bristles and cheap price.

Definitely it also had cons which include hair fall-offs.  awww.
But for me, its pretty good, not assuring you that it can be used in a long span of time.


The actual picture of the lip gloss can be seen on my blog krissylicious.
This lip gloss really fascinated me with its color and glossing capacity. I've read its ingredients and they used MINERAL OIL as its base. Being a pharmacist, I know Mineral oil is a very good emollient that keeps lips moisturized and soft. Its color, carmine red was really a WOW. Another pros of this is that, it doesn't give a dry or flaky feeling on lips. 

I can say that one problem you could encounter with this gloss is that it has a waxy smell on lips, though they include a little fragrance, but not that much. I'll shall say that it is the  natural smell of the mineral oil..


Please visit krissylicious to view the actual packaging of the foundation.

As described in the packaging, this foundation is oil free. It absorbs oil and doesn't clog pores. I can attest that this is true based on the ingredients used. they used PROPYLENE GLYCOL which is an hydrophillic base and keeps the skin hydrated. Being a pharmacist and a cosmetic reviewee must know the contents of each product and how it works on one's skin or body.

This  powder also includes talc, which makes skin smooth after application. Over all, this product is excellent! its quick-drying, and smooth.

Cons of this is not so important, its the bottle-mouth which I found difficult to control the pouring of the foundation. They must placed it in a narrow mouthed bottle, to control the amount of liquid to be in a damp sponge...

I hope you've enjoyed and learned something from my review! Thanks for reading and I hope you'll be keep updated. ;) 

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  1. I never heard about this brand AZIZA :) HM to Sis and where to buy?