BLUSHies for your face

If you have an OVAL FACE, apply blush on top of your cheek-apples in the shape of a slanted triangle. To have a natural look in daytime, simply apply blush to the top of the apple for a pretty, flushed look. At night, heighten the application. For an extra impact of color, apply blush on the tip of the nose and across its bridge.

If you have a SHORT FACE and want it to look longer, start an oblong stroke below nose level, finishing up at the temple near your hairline. Blush should be applied in a long and slightly curved line (probably below the cheekbone down to the chin line, then blend..), it must be kept away from the center of the face.

To make your LONG FACE look shorter, apply blush across your cheeks starting at the mid-nose level, then blend it upward and downward. Blush should be applied in a shape of a soft triangle, close to the centre of your face to create the illusion of width. Dust the contour shade across the middle of the forehead (a little of the way down from the hairline) and along your chin.

For a SQUARE FACE, to soften the angles, you must concentrate the brighter color at the apple, then brush it up and out to the temples to give your face a little lift. To round blush around your face, dust the contour shade from your chin to the middle of your ear along the underside of the cheekbone. 

In a HEART-SHAPED FACE, just to soften the chin, apply blush to the lower part of the apple. Blend a liquid highlighter or primer around the chin and along the jawbone. This will give your face more balance. 

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