SUBIC Trip: Ocean Adventure

Hey guys! Im about to blog my last trip (January 27, 2012) at Subic Bay, Olongapo Philippines.

I wake up at 3:30 in the morning to fix my things and prepare up!
We arrived at the assembly area at exactly 4:30 am, and we still waited for the bus to arrive.

Its almost 5:00 am when our bus arrived and then we headed on board and travelled for almost 4 hours until we reached our first destination.. OCEAN ADVENTURE. :)

We are on the SQUID patrol w/ our tour guide,

and we first went to AQUARIUM to view soome awesome sea creatures! Here are some of my shots.

And I found these at the last spot!

So, how bout you? How do you want your world to look?

After seeing the Aquarium, we proceed to their Mini Theatre to watch a mini play about the three Rs. (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Welcome to the school of Finny Studies!

The play was really fun and educational! They tend to promote on how to conserve our nature and taking care of our precious animals...

The most awaited Sea Lion exhibition is our next spot. The arena was sooooo wonderful, everybody got excited to see those cute seals!

My mom and me w/ SIMBA!

After watching Sea Lion show is lunch time! We had our lunch at Forest Grill area.

Finished eating, we went to El Capitan Stadium to watch The Friendly Dolphins show!

Dolphins waving Hello!

The awesome show ended and we took our way to Sea Side Stadium to watch a play, About the importance and conserving the environment.

Sea Trek and Souvenir shop is our next stop. Sea Trek looks like an aquarium in space!


Key chains!

Pink dolphins!


Cutie sea lions!

Out of 10 being the highest I rate Ocean Adventure 9/10! Yeaah! Thus, I recommend Ocean Adventure Subic for those who want an awesome adventure or vacation yet not that far from Manila.

I should say the Ocean Adventure is a nice place to visit. Not only because their shows were entertaining but its educational as well. I like the goal of imparting to be an environmental friendly citizen and I salute to their effort in promoting and teaching conservation of environment to their guests.

~Thanks for reading! I hope you'll go and experience Ocean Adventure trip, and feel this FUN!

For more information, just visitOcean Adventure Website (Click Here)

That's all for Ocean Adventure. Our next destination in Subic was in ZOOBIC SAFARI. (That's on my next post)

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