Pamper day and Jollibee Planner 2012

I decided to pamper my hair at Salon de Cache in lower Bicutan a while ago.
I've decided to treat my hair with cellophane w/ color. I chose MAGENTA for it. :)
But, I cant see Magenta effect of it. LOL. (No, Im not color blind)

Where's Magenta?! LOL

Though I cant throughly see a Magenta trace, I so love their sevice.. After several hours of treatment, it ended very well.

I decided to eat on the nearest Jollibee there, with my mom. And guess what! I just got a Jollibee planner! (yey!!) *many designs are available.

Jolly Fries planner for 2012!

Im sooo happy to have this, instead of planners from some famous coffee shop. blah blah.. I found this soo cute and orig! ( I mean, original)..

This planner is really helpful especially for students, it has a conversion formulas, and equivalent measures..

It contains cute infos like birthstone list, year wedding anniversaries, zodiac signs..w/ notepads, and page for addresses and phone numbers..

Guys, better to have a planner with you every time. It helps a lot, like time management, setting priorities and goals in life, making yourself responsible and productive. According to some surveys, a person who has a planner became 95% successful in life! Go and grab one! 

By the way, thanks to Jollibee for having this promo. For only having a single receipt of 300, I got this cool stuff! May this planner be a lucky charm for me in this 2012! Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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