Accessories Haul + Food

Hey Guys! As part of my job hunting, I able to buy some stuffs like accessories to glam me up!

These are the things I bought for this day... I just thought of having bronze accs to have a positive vibes! yes, bronze color makes positive relationships to everyone.. (crossing fingers to have a positive result on my job interview)

Synthetic leather bracelet watch (150php)

Bronze-vintage-like bracelet (100php)
Bronzy earrings! (in match with my bracelet) (50php)

Adjustable bronze flower ring (Oyeah, its flower! :P) (50php)

Bronze sandals, NO! its not related to my

 job paraphernalias. I just saw it and it was nice. ;) (75php)

Of course, after I strolled I got hungry.. then I searched for my comfort food, annd I take it home. Im drooling over this, hey TAKOYAKI!

With these chessy smackers! (100php)

Im eating this chessy stuff now, and it was outrageously awesome! Money spent within this day is satisfying.. 

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