SUBIC trip: Mangrove Park

This is our final destination in Subic after Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari.

ME at the Mangrove Park entrance
In this place you can experience a quiet mood at the Triboa Bay Mangrove Park located in the area of the Ilanin Forest. The biological diversity in this park is pretty high where two ecosystems, the forest ecosystem meets the marine ecosystem at this point. The mangroves, of course, are the highlight of the park. 

The mangroves of Triboa also contains tannin compounds that can be extracted from the barks. Tannin is a soluble substances used in tanning hides and skins that are used in manufacturing leather crafts.

Another importance is that the fishes lay their eggs in tangled roots of mangrove trees and later hatch and grow with needed nutrients available. Thus mangroves act as natural nursery grounds. 

ME in their wonderful wooden bridge
Amazing , it is!

For more info, visit : Subic Board (Click Here)

That's all after a long, long day.. When you want to feel relaxed, or stressed free.. just visit Subic, and this proves you that ... Its More Fun in the Philippines!

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