Pharmacist's Oath Taking January 2012 Passers

"Maintain your INTEGRITY as a healthcare professional, 
have the COMMITMENT to enhance COMPETENCE all the time 

and know how to COLLABORATE with other members of health care team
 including the patient."

In a Filipino perception,  a pharmacist is simply one who sells medicine, who stands behind drugstore counters, busily taking the prescriptions from customers and giving them the medicines they need.
But, I just want to imply that pharmacist is more than just being a seller of medicines. Pharmacists are the medication managers and counselors, who help patients achieve the optimum benefits of medication.
“Pharmacists play a crucial role in the effective delivery of health services… We call our pharmacists medical experts, they are the ones who study the details and components of a drug or medicine,”
A Pharmacist's duty is to check the prescription for any potential adverse drug effects and interaction, and results of inappropriate dosing. Pharmacists provide medical counseling to patients for various diseases and lastly provide drug information to guide the public and other health professionals as a health care team player.

Im glad that I'm one of the licensed Pharmacists here in the Philippines...  

Together with my colleagues, we will do our very best on our job to prove that

I was feeling great this day! As I achieved one step of the ladder of my success and I was with my mother who really took care and stayed beside me during my good and hard times.. 

Thanks to our friend Ms. Gellie , who made my make-up that made me look fab and natural
He/She said "pale pale-an ang labanan teh.." but i loooovvveeee it.

Even after a looonnngggg day,..... 

Looking great!! 

Thanks for dropping by!! ~~~ 

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