My 22nd birthday blast!

Hi. * first word here..

Yes, I am back and will start to blog again..

Last post of mine was on CNBlue's concert last June 2013.. so.. what's next?

OF COURSE! June 25th! My birthday!! 

I will be forever thankful to special people in my life who never failed to make me happy!

As I enter the store, I saw balloons and birthday messages for me! *so heart-melting*

And, i received a birthday cake from Nikki.. :)

After my store duty, I treated my super buddies in Figaro, Festival Mall....

I didn't have much for these coffee shop to make a food review but, all was good and I understand the minimal serving of rice.. I know its a coffee shop though, not a restaurant... that's why my friends were seem unsatisfied with the meal and small sized frappe.

Chicken Steak

Red pasta

And guess what! They gave me another cake!  woooooah ~~ cool.

Yeah! I had two cakes then! yummmmyyyy~~

After I had a great time with them, and I got home, my mom bought my favorite jollibee meal! :)

I don't need gifts~ just this simple thoughts made my birthday memorable as ever! With my friends and family around me! I'll be the happiest kiddo alive~   :)

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