The long wait is over!
I finally watched the first ever concert of CNBlue here in Manila, last June 15, 2013..

Oh wait, I want to confess something, actually, I was not a die-hard boice, I only liked Jung YongHwa oppa, since I watched his korean drama- You're Beautiful / He's Beautiful. Since then, I googled infos about him and his co-star HongKi in the drama, and thus discovered CNBlue as indie rock band and HongKi's FT-Island band..

As I watched and listened to their song via youtube.. I readily downloaded it, and it was been "LSS" in my mind till now.. Omo! ~~ Oetoriya... oetoriya... Dara diri dara du...:))

I really really love Jung YongHwa soooooo bad, I can say that he's my first crush in korean fandom ever!

Moving on, I was browsing through K-Pop network here in Philippines, that I found out that they will be having a concert here this June! My birth month. ^^

I saw Ms. Happee Sy's post and they will be having an open press conference in SM Megamall dated June 14, a day before the concert.

CNBlue Open Press Conference in SM Megamall 

After work, I rushed from Sucat to Ortigas (MRT) to attend the event, I was really, REALLY surprised to see how many people als rushed to Mega just to see CNBlue, (sa pagkaka-alam ko nga kasi di pa naman sila masyadong kilala) pero mali ang akala ko.

The event was held on lower ground floor but I think until 4th floor is full with awesome boices that want to give a warm welcome to CNBlue,

 I was just a bum beside the stage near food court.

Credits to Manila Concert Scene
It was a very tiring day, full of games, shouting, screaming till you hear no more..... :)) and its like a tidal wave of fans when CNBlue was in the stage! ~~ RAWR.

Naghanap lang ako ng sakit ng katawan, pero masaya. NO REGRETS at all! :))

I was screaming YongHwaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ and a student at my back crying, screaming : Si MinHyuk koooo~~~ oh it was just a !!!!!!! whoooh!! extreme.

Jinri Park's and Gretchen Fullido's back. LOL


Fan pics: 

Saeng-il Chukha hamnida.. YongHwa oppa. :) <3
Ends the day right !!~

Blue Moon In Manila ~ CNBlue concert world tour 2013


Grabelicious, biglaan lang naman talaga ang punta ko dito.

I didn't expect to buy a ticket almost 3 days before the concert, good thing is, I liked a page, and someone is selling a discounted ticket of upper box A premium! :) so, I got it.

After work, I rushed again from Sucat to Araneta, almost by 6pm... 

I met with my seller, then we went to Araneta for he to sure that I got in. :) 


Grabe, all age groups were present! I am surprised! wohoooh! 


Friends brought to you by CNBlue.. 


THE OPENING PROD: soooooooo blue!


~~ screaaaaaam! 


1. Opening
2. Where You Are (Japanese)
3. Get Away (Japanese)
4. One Time
5. Naran Namja
6. Coffee Shop
7. Have A Good Night (Japanese)
8. Wake Up (Japanese)
9. Love Light
10. Feeling (Japanese)
11. These Days (Korean)
12. Y, Why (Korean)
13. La La La
14. Just Please (Korean)
15. Tattoo
16. In My Head (Korean)
17. Intuition
18. I'm A Loner
19. I'm Sorry
20. Hey You
21. Love Girl
22. Impromptu Song
23. You've Fallen For Me (OST)
24. Love
25. Try Again, Smile Again

CNBlue intoduction in Tagalog

~~~~~ Photos ~~~~~

  • Introduction of CNBlue members in Tagalog
  • JUNG YONGHWA'S BEATBOX-in ( Squeezes my heart sooooo bad ) awwww..
  • Birthday surprise for YongHwa (members spoke tagalog)
  • "Singapore" mistake of Yonghwa
  • Screaming "I love Philippine" by bubbly Jungshin and Yonghwa
  • Infinite smile of Minhyuk
  • Jonghyun's rare speech but all screamed when focused on screen! :)
  • Yonghwa's piano piece "Feeling"
  • CNBlue set part 2 (the waiting)
  • Jonghyun's and Minhyuk's biceps/triceps.. (o_o)
  • YongSeo banners flashed
  • Goodbye bow :((

~~Screaming all throughout 2-and half hours! :)

CNBlue DAAAEEEBBAAAKK~~ come again soon please! 

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