Me and My Workmates in DAMPA Parañaque

We are all craving for seafoods!


After duty, we decided to pig-out at Dampa Parañaque, just to satisfy ourselves w/ seafoods.

My colleagues. Rosa, Nikki and AJ.

ME taking solo pic with foooood!

Nikki looked so hungry! LOL

We bought these from wet market outside and be cooked on our preference.

Grilled 1/2 kilo of Squid.

1 1/2 kilo for Calamares.

1/2 kilo Buttered shrimp!

3 kilo mussels -- BAKED! yaaaammmm.

1/4 kilo for sinigang na hipon... for soup! :)

~ Overall, we spent almost 2k with these, but we are sooooo effin FULL! and even took-out excess foods.

SULIT na SULIT as ever.. Oishi!

Tara na sa DAMPA! ~~~~ :)

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