Chicken Cravings at 4fingers MOA.

I love everything in Korean.

Yes, this awesome Korean-style chicken is a must try! (Yummmy! Yummmy!!)

Way back in pyrolympics 2013, me and my bff Tricia, went around to find a good place to eat. and we suddenly saw 4fingers which I heard before, a counterpart of Bonchon.

The place is so cool that New York- inspired graffiti like on subways is the theme! ASTIG!


COMFORT ROOM! :) so huge!

COOL Cup! :) 

Our Chicken in SOY GARLIC and Tricia! :)


SUPEEERR CRRIISPPY and tasty Chicken! 

Two Drumsticks!

I can say that this is a bit better than Bonchon's. Specially the place and the Chicken itself.. i love the crispiness and SOY Garlic flavor overload. Hoping to spread their branches more.

Rating : 4/5- 4fingers ; 3.5/5 - Bonchon

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